Vascular & Endovascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Citizens Specialty Hospital has achieved the distinction of providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment facilities for patients suffering from all problems relating to the vascular system: arteries, veins, lymphatics, and wound care.

The surgeons at the department implement several advanced techniques for performing complex vascular and endovascular procedures, such as removing blood clots, stenting procedures, and bypass surgeries. In addition, the expert endovascular surgeons collaborate with the medical teams of other departments, such as neurology, cardiovascular medicine, radiology, and rehabilitation, and are supported by a very experienced anesthesia team.

The diseases managed at the department are aortic disease, vascular trauma, congenital angiomatous malformation, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease, and mesenteric disease.

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Both vascular and endovascular surgeries are performed to repair the damage to the blood vessels due to vascular injury or an underlying disease. The surgeon accesses the damaged vessels through different vascular and endovascular surgery techniques. Endovascular surgery is performed with a minimally invasive approach. The surgeon punctures the artery with the needle and then guides the catheter through blood vessels to reach the site of surgery. Open vascular surgery involves making an incision to reach the damaged blood vessel. A minimally invasive approach reduces blood loss and helps in faster recovery.