Research and Innovations

Citizens Research & Innovation is a department spearheading research, innovations, and educational-related programs in quest of enabling Citizens Specialty Hospital to introduce cutting-edge technologies, therapies, and other innovations in its ecosystem.

Citizens Hospital is approved for academic program approved by the National Board Of Examinations In Medical Sciences

Broad Specialty

  • General anaesthesia
    • Seats: one Primary candidate and one Secondary intake per year
    • Name of Faculty: Dr Muralidhar Joshi, Dr Sunjoy Verma
  • General Surgery
    • Seats: one candidate intake per year
    • Name of Faculty: Dr Deepak Sharma, Dr Suresh Chandra Hari

Super Specialty

  • Critical care
    • Seats: Two candidates intake per year
    • Name of Faculty: Dr PBLN Gopal, Dr Bala Subrahmanyam