Weight Management

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the management of healthy weight. Experts suggest that an appropriate diet has an 80% role in losing weight. Healthy nutrition is also important in helping underweight people gain weight. Nutrition professionals assist in both short and long-term weight management.

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  • Weight loss: Obesity or being overweight not only affects the overall appearance of the body and reduces confidence, but it also increases the risk of several diseases. There are several ways to reduce weight. However, none of the weight-loss strategies work if people are not altering their dietary habits. It is thus important to take advice from a nutritionist before opting for any weight management strategy, including surgery.
  • Weight gain: A body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 is healthy. People with any value less than 18.5 falls into the category of underweight. Underweight people are at increased risk of osteoporosis (especially women), hair, skin, or teeth problems, fatigue, anemia, slow or impaired growth, preterm birth, irregular periods, and frequent illness.