Orthopedic Team at Citizens Specialty Hospital Replant Factory Worker’s Amputated Wrist

Orthopedic Team at Citizens Specialty Hospital Replant Factory Worker’s Amputated Wrist

Hyderabad, 31st May 2022: Citizens Specialty Hospital performed yet another milestone by performing a limb restoration surgery on a 22-year-old factory worker in Hyderabad. The replantation of the amputated wrist surgery was done by Dr. Vasudeva Juvvadi, and Dr. Kilaru Praful, led by Dr. Ashok Raju Gottemukkala, who are one of the best teams of experienced Orthopedic Surgeons in the twin cities. The team work also involved Plastic surgeons Dr. Venkatesh Babu, and Dr. Sasidhar Reddy backed by a team of expert anesthesiologists for the success of the surgery.

Harish a young 22-year-old, is a machine operator in a beverage factory in Nandigram near Sangareddy. His right wrist got amputated accidentally while operating a machine at the factory. His coworkers put the severed limb in a plastic bag and packed it in ice as they rushed him to a nearby hospital. He was then transferred to Citizens Specialty Hospital, Nallagandla, Hyderabad.

On arrival to the ER in the hospital, he was in shock due to blood loss. He was stabilized and wheeled into the emergency operation theater. Dr. Vasudeva Juvvadi and Dr. Kilaru Praful from orthopedics and Dr. Venkatesh Babu, and Dr. Sasidhar Reddy from plastic surgery started the expertise marathon surgery of saving and replanting the hand. The replantation and restoration of limb surgery lasted for 8 hours. Now Harish has a hand with no infection and good vascularity.

Dr. Prabhakar P, Regional Chief Operating Officer, said, "In India, the first 60 min after trauma has been considered as the “golden hour” of trauma. Hence, it is imperative to quickly examine the severity of the injury accurately. Supported with extensive training, experience, and state-of-the-art technology, Citizens Specialty Hospital has an incredible team of highly skilled Orthopedic specialists to deal with polytrauma cases. Citizens Specialty Hospital is committed to offering best-in-class clinical expertise, technological superiority, and service excellence for all our patients.”

Elaborating on the procedure, Dr. Ashok Raju Gottemukkala, Head & Senior Consultant, Dept of Orthopedics, Citizen Specialty Hospital said, “Young males who have occupational exposure to different machines are predominantly affected by hand trauma. Hand amputation is one of the most debilitating injuries. In cases of replantation, rushing the patient to the hospital within six hours and preserving the limb is of prime importance for good results. Our department of Orthopaedics i.e Citizens Bone & Joint is highly equipped and has extensive expertise to handle any polytrauma cases with best results.”

Citizens Specialty Hospital has a comprehensive emergency care response system that deploys trained clinical manpower, state-of-the-art technology as well as evidence-based treatment management. It consists of an incredible team of highly skilled specialists who bring in top-quality expertise for orthopedic problems for all. The team is diverse, with varied skills, and each doctor is specifically trained in depth in treatment and management of sub-specialty practices such as Knee and Hip joint replacement, fracture fixation, correction of failed orthopaedic surgeries, pelvic and acetabulum surgeries, deformity corrections, sports medicine, arthroscopy and paediatric orthopaedics. Citizen specialty hospital also created an unmatched infrastructure equipped with latest technologies and techniques to ensure that the most advanced treatment is provided to the patients. The hospital offers a wide range of services including prevention, screening, assessment, and treatment. Experts from more than 30 specialties and super-specialties make up the Citizens Specialty Hospital team. Citizens Specialty Hospital introduced E-ONE emergency services that have the lifesaving infrastructure, internationally approved emergency protocols, and a multi-disciplinary approach to providing care that ensures patient optimum changes of stabilization and fast recovery.

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