Multidisciplinary Approach at Citizens Specialty Hospital Saved 35-year-old Patient with Disc Prolapse following a recent Heart Attack

Multidisciplinary Approach at Citizens Specialty Hospital Saved 35-year-old Patient with Disc Prolapse following a recent Heart Attack

Innovative treatment approach balancing blood thinners and Surgical Intervention with Inj. Cangrelor

Hyderabad, 18th Mar 2024: Citizens Specialty Hospital continues to lead the way in patient-centered care with multidisciplinary approach for treating a 35-year-old patient suffering from disc prolapse following a recent heart attack. Initially, Mr. Sujit Reddy (name change) presented with chest pain and has a history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Upon further evaluation, the patient was diagnosed with a heart attack. The cardiac team at Citizens Specialty Hospital swiftly intervened, treating him with a stent and initiating his recovery journey.

Following a few months, Mr. Reddy started experiencing severe neck pain radiating to his right shoulder, prompting a neuro consultation which revealed a right paracentral disc prolapse leading to nerve compression. It refers to a bulge that isn’t in the middle of the spine, but rather is off to the side. It can either fall to the left or the right. Paracentral, medically, translates to near the centre.

Dr Guru Chaithanya Kumar C, Interventional Cardiologist, Citizens Specialty Hospital, explaining about the case, said, “Mr. Reddy's case presented a unique challenge due to his recent coronary intervention for heart attack. With the placement of the stent, it was crucial for him to continue blood thinners to prevent blockage of stent. However, his upcoming disc surgery required a different approach to balance stent blockage risk verses bleeding during surgery. The introduction of Inj. Cangrelor played a pivotal role in balancing antiplatelet action and surgical intervention, ensuring optimal patient outcomes."

Patients with stent placement require blood thinners to prevent another episode of heart attack. This necessity poses a challenge when surgery is required, as the risk of bleeding increases significantly if blood thinners are continued during the surgical procedure. Hence, a careful balance must be struck to ensure patient safety and optimal surgical outcomes.

Dr Rajesh Reddy Sannareddy, Senior Neurosurgeon, Citizens Specialty Hospital, elaborates on the importance of Inj. Cangrelor in Mr. Reddy's care journey: "In cases like Mr. Reddy's, where cardiovascular and neurosurgical considerations intersect, a tailored approach is imperative. The use of Inj. Cangrelor provided the necessary antiplatelet action which is reversible while facilitating a safe surgical intervention—an innovative strategy with profound implications for patient care."

Dr Prabhakar P, RCOO of Citizens Specialty Hospital, emphasizes the hospital's commitment to pioneering treatments: "At Citizens Specialty Hospital, we prioritize patient safety and outcomes above all else. Mr. Reddy's case exemplifies our unwavering dedication to innovation and collaboration, ensuring that our patients receive the highest standard of care."

The utilization of Inj. Cangrelor exemplifies Citizens Specialty Hospital's commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical care while prioritizing patient safety and well-being. This multidisciplinary approach underscores the hospital's position at the forefront of healthcare innovation, continually striving to redefine standards of excellence and improve patient outcomes through innovative treatment strategies tailored to individual needs.