Tips to stay healthy during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a lot of advice pour in from the relatives, friends the well-wishers. However, for the woman who is carrying the child, the experience tests the limits of your endurance. Pregnancy could be an emotionally overwhelming experience. It includes a lot of physical changes and introduces you to the heights and depths of emotions. It is important to be happy and healthy during the pregnancy because every child deserves a very healthy foundation.

Below are a few tips to stay happy and healthy during the pregnancy.

Regular doctor visits

It is important to consult the doctors regularly and monitor yours and the baby’s health. Though the relatives have the advice for what you should and shouldn’t do, do not follow anything which contradicts your doctor’s professional opinion. Agreed, the relatives and the maids share a lot of wisdom from their experiences but a medical professional uses the skill and technology to understand your body. The experience in many ways useful but it comes with an element of generalization. Hence, it is important to discuss every aspect of your life during the pregnancy with your doctor during the scheduled visits. Do not miss your appointments and ensure you are following everything your doctor is advising you to do.

Eat well

Eating well does not translate to “Eating for two”. Please do not give into the age-old misconception which may make you gain unwanted weight during the pregnancy. During pregnancy or otherwise, it is always important to maintain ideal weight. Talk to your doctor during your routine check-ups and ensure you’re neither overweight nor underweight.

Eat healthily and eat better than ever. Pregnant women need Protein, Iron, Calcium, folic acids, etc. Ensure that you’re getting sensible and balanced diet. Include seasonal fruit into your diet. You can consult your doctor prescribed dietician and follow a diet chart.


Walking is a good exercise. Walk as much as you can. Seek doctors’ advice on the pace and the distance. Regular exercise has several benefits for the pregnant women. It is not only a healthy habit but also a great stress buster.

Exercises will help you cope with the change in your body posture and relieve the stress on your joints. Though it is quite common to gain weight during the pregnancy, regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight. Do not extra hours shedding extra weight. It is important to have consistency. Even if you’re underweight, eat healthily but continue the exercises as suggested by your doctor.

The medical healthcare centres suggest mild pelvic muscle exercise. Do them regularly under the supervision of a professional. The ideal exercises for pregnant women include brisk walking, swimming, Yoga, etc. Any exercise you pick, discuss with the healthcare specialist before getting started.

Make changes to your daily routine

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. So, avoid doing your daily chores, the way you did when you were not a pregnant. Do not start scrubbing if you see the curry stains on the floor or carpet. Be very careful with how you bend and stand and recline into your bed or any other furniture.

It is important to change the bed if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Get enough of rest and stay away from harsh chemicals. Check which of the washing solutions and cleaning agents in your home are harmful to the pregnant women. Avoid using them and immediately replace them with alternative and pregnancy friendly alternatives.

It is important to stay healthy and be happy. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a spa treatment (manicure and foot massages only). Get a facial done with the natural or pregnancy friendly products. Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen when you are stepping out.