Things to know about Heart attack

We all wish we had the power to predict our future. Sadly, we are put on this planet with a few limitations along with a great many abilities. In any event, one cannot predict when a person would suffer a heart attack. However, the best that we can do is learning how to survive the heart attack till the help arrives.

Often many people fail to realize that they are going through the attack. The attack happens after giving away several symptoms for the person to recognize. If you were to suffer a heart attack while you’re in the company of the people, the moment you recognize the symptoms, alert everyone around you of the possibilities of the attack. It is okay, even if it turns out to be a false alarm but please communicates to your dear ones about your situation and call for the professional help immediately.

1. Profuse sweating even when you are seated comfortably. If you are breaking into a cold sweat for no apparent reasons along with the unnerving feeling of claustrophobia combined with some of the other symptoms that are to follow, then you better call someone to discuss the symptom. If you’re at the risk of having an attack, you should not ignore this symptom.
2. Irregular heart beathappens usually when you are running or doing any other activity. But if you notice that your heart is beating faster or slower, which rather irregular to that of your normal beat, call your doctor immediately.
3. Swollen feet or ankle is cause when the heart is not pumping the blood properly. When the heart is not pumping the blood properly, the blood gets accumulated in the veins causing swollen feet or ankles.
4. Chest discomfort is the most common symptom. The discomfort may have the characteristics of causing tightness in the chest, crushing or squeezing sharp, pinching or burning pain in the centre or on the left side of the chest.
5. Along with chest discomfort, some people may have nausea, indigestion, heartburn or severe stomach pain. These symptoms are commonly found among the women patients.
6. Most of the heart attack patients were found complaining of having a chest pain that spreads all the way to the arm. This is another symptom that one should ignore and immediately call for emergency helpline number.The above mentioned are the symptoms that are commonly found among the people who are likely to be at the immediate risk of facing the heart attack. There are other symptoms likeconstant fatigue, heavy snoring, feeling dizzy or light-headed, Jaw or throat pain that spreads to the chest, then you will have to visit your doctor and get yourself checked.

What you should do during the attack till the help arrives

Once you recognize the symptoms, the ideal thing to do is to stop whatever that you are doing and save your breath to call the medical emergency care immediately. Once you had called the emergency care, look for the help nearby.
Asprin has the ability to thin the blood. If you are sure to have the attack, then a dose of Asprin could be of great help. The heart attack is caused sue to the blockage of the blood in the veins or arteries. The heart is deprived of oxygen-rich blood causing damage to the muscle. Asprin will prevent the blockage from getting bigger, giving the heart muscle a chance to function properly. However, ensure you are not allergic to the Asprin.