Most lifestyle diseases are also preventable diseases, with healthy choices!

Our everyday choices in life, have a bearing on our health – that is a given! But what is less understood is that many times, our everyday choices can either cause or prevent several health conditions during the course of our life. Firstly, our lifestyle is governed by several factors – occupational, social, regional, socio-economic, societal, educational, and other factors. Which means for us, our lifestyle is deeply intertwined with our lives.For a variety of reasons, several unhealthy habits creep into our daily lifestyle – either as a consequence of the factors mentioned earlier or just as a matter of convenience. Let’s take an example, sleeping late – this could be an inevitable choice for some working in irregular shifts, as well as a habit for those used to watching late-night television. In either case, it is not an ideal lifestyle habit and may cause health issues.Thus, harmful choices that we make every day in our lives, could lead to several lifestyle diseases, with common ones being – obesity, type 2 diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, several cancers, strokes, infertility amongst others.