Knee pain? Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) can be the Answer

The knee is one of the most injured joints in the body. The knee joint bears three to six times the body weight during various activities and is therefore susceptible to injury. Knee arthroscopy, a type of keyhole surgery, has evolved as one of the most effective procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of knee joints.

An arthroscopy involves the use of an arthroscope which is a thin tube that contains a light source and a camera. Images are sent from the arthroscope to a video screen, so the surgeon is able to see inside the joint. It’s also possible for small surgical instruments to be used alongside an arthroscope to treat certain joint conditions.

Advantages of Arthroscopy
The procedure has some significant advantages over traditional, open surgery, including less tissue damage, less pain and reduced chances of disability and lower risk of infection after the operation as well as faster healing time.

Common knee conditions treated by Arthroscopy
Meniscus (the shock absorber of the knee) tear: Depending on the type of tear, the piece of meniscus that is torn may be removed arthroscopically from the knee (partial meniscectomy) or repaired with special sutures.

Anterior, Posterior cruciate or multi ligament injuries: Cruciate ligaments provide knee stability and do not heal on their own when torn. Surgery may be indicated in isolated ligament injuries causing instability or in multiple ligament injuries.

Diagnostic surgery / To assess knee joint: To check suitability for uni-compartment or half knee replacement.

Articular cartilage injuries and Osteoarthritis: In age-elated wear and tear in the joint, Arthroscopic lavage and debridement is sometimes indicated for mechanical symptoms of knee pain where the knee is washed with saline and loose pieces and fragments are removed and smoothened.

Other conditions which can be treated by Arthroscopy includes: Knee Infection, Synovial biopsy (removal of joint lining), removal of loose bodies, stiff knee and knee cap instability.

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