Here’s how to deal with shoulder pain!

Shoulder pain should never be ignored and should be treated on the very onset. Often people tend to ignore the pains which, with time and age, transforms into severe issues, that could even land a person in the operation theatre.

The shoulder actually has several joints that work together with other bones to allow a wide range of motions. The most common cause of shoulder joint pain is rotator cuff tendinitis, which are common injuries to the tendons due to falls and impingement due to cuff weakness. Other than this, there are many bone conditions like arthritis, frozen shoulder, recurrent dislocation of shoulder and rotator cuff tear.

In most of the cases pain in the shoulder area is ignored and worsens the disease. But if one is cautious about the pain and visits the physician at a right time, most of the severe consequences can be avoided.

With the advancement of medical sciences, there are multiple ways available to find the root cause of the pain and get rid of them permanently, letting the person lead a healthy and pain-free life. Also, there are various treatment options available based on the cause of the pain. Post diagnosis, the doctor may suggest rest, ice packs, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy and in some cases surgery as well.

At Citizens Specialty Hospital, doctors perform minimally invasive surgical procedures like arthroscopy to treat the joint pains permanently. The surgeries are less painful and will have minimum impact on the lives of the patients, ensuring faster recovery and least impact on the surrounding nerves and muscles. For patients with arthritis, doctors also perform joint replacement arthroplasty surgeries for best results.

For cuff tendinitis and frozen shoulder, physiotherapy which includes cuff strengthening and range of motion (ROM) exercise can relive pain. Cuff tear patients require arthroscopic cuff repair (double row). If it is not treated properly, the patient may develop cuff tear arthropathy which requires reverse shoulder arthroplasty. For arthritis of shoulder, patients require shoulder arthroplasty to get relief from the pain.