Advanced Cardiac Monitoring at Citizens Specialty Hospital

Heart disease is a leading cause of death globally. In India, one person succumbs to it every 37 seconds, as per recent studies. Citizens Specialty Hospital in Hyderabad, equipped with cutting-edge technology, provides crucial cardiac monitoring services to promote heart wellness.

Understanding the significance of cardiovascular health, Citizens Specialty Hospital offers state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring devices. The 24-hour Holter monitor, for instance, is a portable device that captures the heart's electrical activity throughout the day. This enables our cardiologists to diagnose various conditions, including arrhythmias, bradycardia, and tachycardia.

Like the Holter monitor, the event monitor records heart activity, specifically during dizziness, palpitations, or chest pain episodes. It serves as a valuable diagnostic tool, pinpointing the cause of symptoms for precise intervention.

We provide a cardiac event recorder for extended monitoring that patients wear for several weeks. Compact and portable, it aids patients in tracking heart activity, facilitating more accurate diagnoses.

Our wireless cardiac telemetry system is instrumental for post-surgery patients and those with acute heart conditions. It monitors heart activity and transmits data to our cardiologists for comprehensive reviews.

Moreover, our pacemaker clinic ensures meticulous monitoring of data from implanted pacemakers. This data assists cardiologists in verifying the pacemaker's functionality and delivering the correct electrical stimulation to the patient's heart.


Regular cardiac monitoring is paramount for preemptive heart health measures. Citizens Specialty Hospital, with cutting-edge devices and a team of adept cardiologists, is a trusted institution for diagnosis and treatment. If you're grappling with heart muscle-related concerns, take the initiative towards a healthier heart. Citizens Specialty Hospital in Hyderabad combines expertise, advanced technology, and patient-centric care to guide you on recovery. Please call us today at 040 67191919 or schedule an appointment with our experienced doctors on our website, Citizens Specialty Hospital. Trust in our expertise and advanced facilities for successful and stress-free Cardiology & CTVS Services.