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traithlon 2017

Hyderabad Triathlon is an annual sporting event conducted in the glory of the sport, with an objective to create awareness about the Triathlon among the public, improve physical & mental fitness of the participants, as also making it a family-friendly event to encourage the participation of families for a healthier lifestyle.


Hyderabad Triathlon is the largest Open Category Triathlon of India attracting participants from all over the country and abroadThe 7th Edition of Hyderabad Triathlon was conducted on 23rd October, 2016 with over 1500 participants taking part in it.

The 8th Edition of Hyderabad Triathlon is scheduled to be held on 8th October, 2017 at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad.


Triathlons are the ultimate test of fitness. Triathletes take pride in having a higher level of endurance, strength and grit!

Hyderabad Triathlon

Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad,Telangana.

8th Oct 2017

India’s largest open category Triathlon and Duathlon event.

6 Triathlons, 6 Duathlons, 2 Aquathlons

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Benefits of Triathlon:

Triathlon training requires athletes to look at food as fuel; they eat well and strive to stay healthy. For your business that means less time off for sick leaves, increasing productivity. It is likely this healthy behavior will begin to spread around the workplace.

Associates will become more goal focused, less tired in the workplace, more vigilant.
Efficiency, Hard work and utilization of time well both in and out of the office.

When you exercise your body releases endorphins, their chemical structure is similar to morphine and they trigger a positive feeling in the body of euphoria and general well-being. It is also proven that stress is reduced by exercise induced endorphins, do I need to continue with reasons you should have a workplace full of triathletes?

Triathletes passionately telling their colleagues about a great run or ride on the weekend and achieving their goals may inspire others to get involved. The potential benefits go far beyond employee satisfaction and increased business productivity.

We would like to invite the employees to take part in Hyderabad Triathlon. The versatility of this event provides you with 14 different categories to choose from Triathlons, Duathlons and Aquathlons. The event info description is mentioned below, further details, information, rules etc can be viewed on our website (www.hyderabadtriathlon.com).

Event Categories

Triathlon Event Name Swim Cycle Run
3/4 Iron 2.9 km 135 km 31 km
1/2 Iron 1.9 km 90 km 21.1 km
Olympic 1.5 km 40 km 10 km
Sprint 750 m 20 km 5 km
Novice 300 m 8 km 2 km
Mini 50 m 4 km 1 km
Duathlon Event Name Run Cycle Run
Power 21.1 km 90 km 10 km
Super 15 km 60 km 10 km
Olympic 10 km 40 km 5 km
Sprint 5 km 20 km 3 km
Novice 8 km 2 km
Mini 4 km 1 km
Aquathlon Event Name Swim Run