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17-month-old child undergoes robotic surgery for treatment of congenital urological condition – PUJ Obstruction A

Conference on the usage of biologics in IBD at Citizens Center for Digestive Disorders.

Citizens Specialty Hospitals, Hyderabad, announced the launch of centre for aortic disease. This follows the successful launch of dedicated heart failure clinic in January 2018. The Citizens Heart team consisting of Dr. Vikram Reddy Aerra, Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, and Dr Sudheer Koganti, Consultant Cardiologist & Dr Hari Ram Consultant Cardiologist disclosed the functioning of a dedicated centre for aortic diseases, at a Press Conference organised on the 27th November 2018.

Here is the print media coverage of World Heart Day Campaign at Citizens Specialty Hospital
This World Heart Day, resonating with global campaign “MY HEART, YOUR HEART”, Citizens Specialty Hospital organized a campaign appealing people to make a promise. A promise to eat more healthily, to get more active, to say no to smoking. A simple promise….for my heart, for your heart, for all our hearts

Citizens Speciality Hospital organized the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy “Simple to Difficult” Single Theme Conference – CME Workshop. Honorable Member of Parliament, Shri Dr. Boora Narsiaha Goud garu graced the occasion as chief guest.

News Paper coverage of the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy “Simple to Difficult” Single Theme Conference – CME Workshop at Hospital’s Campus.The workshop was attended by over 120 eminent surgeons from across the country and was led by Dr. Suresh Chandra Hari. G, Chief General Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon, Citizens Specialty Hospital

Citizens Specialty Hospital launches a Special Bariatric Program for weight reduction and metabolic disorders. Celebrates ten years of Bariatric Surgery by Dr. Suresh Chandra Hari, a pioneer in General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery.

Citizens Centre for Digestive Disorders conducts interactive session on World Hepatitis Day to spread awareness of life-threatening liver diseases on 28th July

24 hours E-One emergency ambulance services launches by Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya.

Inauguration of comprehensive Citizens Centre for Digestive Disorders at its Nallagandla campus, near the University of Hyderabad. Honourable Shri T. Harish Rao Garu Inaugurates Citizens Centre for Digestive Disorders

Citizens Speciality Hospital Doctors conducting CME with API-Association of Physicians of India at Karimnagar

Citizens Speciality Hospital Doctors conducting CME with API-Association of Physicians of India at Karimnagar

Independence day celebrations in citizens by Sreenivas Dr. Sreenivas

HANDS ON WORKSHOP ON B-LYNCH POSTPARTUM HEMORRHAGE on 13th Nov 2016 By Gynecology department

Session on State Institute of correctional administration, Leadership development for jail officials & Behavior modification and stress management by Dr. Anitha.

Citizens Speciality Hospital conducted a session for the school students at Sancta Maria International School

Session on Head Injury Management at Sanga Reddy by Citizens Speciality Hospitals

Feedback on HANDS ON WORKSHOP ON B-LYNCH POSTPARTUM HEMORRHAGE on 13th Nov 2016 By Gynecology department

Angioplasty in Delhi, city hospital beams it live. by Dr. Sreenivas

Angioplasty in Delhi, city hospital


Keep Hope, No Dope – An awareness article featured in The HANS INDIA on topic “Substance abuse among youngsters” by clinical psychologist Ms. Anitha Are, from Citizens Specialty Hospital.

Article on”Bariatric Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Disorders at Citizens Specialty Hospital.

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Article on”Seasonal diseases” by Dr. Sandeep Ghanta

Article about Hypertension in twenties

Article by Dr.Kiran(Gastroenterology) about “ARE YOU EATING RIGHT” published in New Indian Express on 21.July.2017

Dr.Kiran Peddi Citizens Hospital The New Indian Express Pg23 20 07 2017 1

Article by Dr. Sreenivas Kumar about Hypertension

Successful Third open heart surgery at Citizens hospitals

Article by Bone and Joint Citizens Speciality Hospital Doctor about Hip Replacement

Article about Incisional hernia and ways to treat it by Dr. Suresh Chandra Hari

Dr. Aparna article about brain stroke published in times of india

Article about Citizens Specialty Hospital published in Times of India on 26 Feb 2017

Dr. A. Ajay Reddy Article About Brain Tumour Published in Times of India

Article by Dr. Suresh Chandra Hari about Hernia published in Times of India

Article on “Life-threatening aortic dissection can affect people of any age” by Dr. Vikram

Dr. M. Gokul Reddy article named WHY HEART ATTACKS ARE STRIKING YOUNG INDIA published in Times of India

Article by Dr. Balaraju Naidu about Computerised Surgery can conquer Osteoarthritis published in Times Of India

For a Scar less pain and free surgery by Dr. G. Suresh Chnadra Hari

For a Scar less pain and free surgery

When emergency strikes, Trust E-One. 24 Hour emergency care services.Call Citizens Specialty Hospitals at 040-67191919.
Article on timesofindia on 8th Jan 2017

How to bear shoulder pain article by DR. V S Abhilash Kumar

Dr. A. Sreenivas Kumar article on Risks of Cardiac Tests in TOI

Dr.Sandeep article in The Indian Express News Paper Dr. Sandeep

“Severe headache in pregnancy?” by Dr Jyoti published an article in The New Indian Express

Article by Ms. Anitha Are, Clinical Psychologist on Child’s Intellectual Development

Press Releases

dr mallikarjun

Citizens Specialty Hospital Successfully Performed Robot-assisted Renal Transplant Surgery


Know about Heart Attack, its Risk factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options

How to maintain a Healthy Heart

What is Aortic Dissection ? Know the Risk factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Options

What is a Stroke? Causes, Symptoms and Treatments – Citizens Specialty Hospital

Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati at Citizens Specialty Hospital talks about Hepatitis

How to maintain a healthy liver – By Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati

Dr. Sreenivas Kumar TV Interview about Heart Disease & Modern Treatment

Dr. kishore TV interview about Knee replacement

Dr. V. S. S Abhilash Kumar interview about Advancved treatment for Shoulderr & Joint

Heart Attack Striking Young People: Symptoms and Precautions by Dr. Gokul Reddy interview TV5 news

TV Interview by Dr. Bala Naidu about Knee Replacement – TV5

Symptoms and Causes of Problems to Aorta Health File TV5 News

Rare Heart Surgery done by Dr Vikram- Thoracic Surgeon from Citizens Specialty Hospital

Symptoms and Causes of Problems to Aorta by Dr. Vikram in Health File program on TV5 News

Head and Neck Cancer – Advanced treatment – Lifeline – TV9

Knee Replacement: Latest methods – Lifeline by Dr. Kishore Reddy

Citizens Speciality Hospital and American Oncology Institute introduce lung cancer screening program to Hyderabad

In recent years, air pollution in Hyderabad has increased. Smoking remains rampant and continues to attract young people. Asbestos use continues in an unregulated fashion. As a result, incidence of lung diseases has reached epidemic levels. While tuberculosis has always been prevalent in India, physicians now see increased incidence of lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and mesothelioma.

India needs more physicians with training, particularly in surgery, to diagnose and treat these complex lung problems and combat their expansion. In response, Citizens Hospital and American Oncology Institute(AOI)

Father’s day marks a time to celebrate not only families but options for a healthy future

13 MAY 2014 – Father’s Day marks a time to celebrate family, recall cherished memories and look forward to the future with a sense of optimism. Dr. V. Amar, MD, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Citizens Hospital, reminded us that Father’s Day should also serve as a time to emphasize the importance of good health and wholesome lifestyles. “Eating a well-balance diet that is low in fats and sugars, avoiding vices like tobacco, getting plenty of exercise and taking steps to minimize stress all play a critical role in a person’s overall health,” Dr. Amar noted. “It is impossible to understate how profoundly the choices we make impact us individually and our family members, too. On Father’s Day, children and their dads should encourage each other to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.”

Surgical teamwork results in removal of rare head and neck tumor from 15 year-old boy

When the parents of a 15 year boy noticed his recurrent nose bleeds, they initially thought little of it. However, as the bleeding became increasingly severe, they brought him to a local doctor. An MRI scan revealed the cause of their son’s nose bleeds – a large tumor in the back of his nose and throat. The family’s local doctor referred the patient to Citizens Hospital for further assessment and possible surgery to remove the tumor.

When the boy arrived, a multidisciplinary team of experts in rhinology (study of the nose and sinuses), skull-base and brain onco-surgery, as well as neuro radiology and pediatric anesthesia first prescribed a CT scan so that they could get a better picture of the tumor’s overall size, shape and location…

Citizens Speciality Hospital celebrates world kidney day, highlights importance of kidney health with free screening camp

What is world kidney day?
World Kidney Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys to overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems around the world. It is celebrated worldwide on the second Thursday of March each year.

What are kidneys?
People have two kidneys, one on each side of the spine, just above the waist. They are about the size of your fist. Kidneys have several primary roles: (1) removing excess waste, minerals and fluid from your blood, (2) regulating blood pressure and (3) stimulating production of red blood cells.

Citizens Speciality Hospital and American Oncology Institute announce the opening of Mesothelioma center of excellence following top global standards

A new form of surgical expertise has arrived in Hyderabad. Within the past few months, Dr. Sai Yendamuri, MD (AIIMS), Citizens Hospital and American Oncology Institute have combined efforts to open one of the first centers of excellence for mesothelioma care in India. The new center’s objective coincides with Citizens Hospital and American Oncology Institute’s mission to bring specialty healthcare matching top US standards to the patients of India.Dr. Yendamuri, a thoracic surgeon who trained and practiced at world-leading hospitals such as Texas Heart Institute, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Roswell Park Cancer Institute,has acquired special skills and experience available only at such prestigious research institutions…………………

Citizens Speciality Hospital thoracic surgery team spreads message on tobacco’s dangers and calls for greater attention to importance of prevention

28 May 2014 – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one billion people will die from tobacco-related causes in the 21st century, making tobacco use one of the world’s gravest public health epidemics. Its global reach expands daily. Sadly, nearly 80% of smokers worldwide live in low and middle-income countries. As a result, financial costs from tobacco use create gargantuan barriers to world economic equality. In observance of World No Tobacco Day, Citizens Hospital inspires all Indians unite in a stance against tobacco for sake of the nation’s future health and prosperity. Let us raise our collective voices and share the message about preventing tobacco’s spread.
Confronting tobacco use in India requires that we address the problem

Hyderabad cancer doctor pushes surgical boundaries, saves 9 year old boy’s leg from rare form of bone cancer

Musculoskeletal surgical oncologist Dr. Kishore Bhavanam Reddy recently performed a rare operation at Citizens Hospital that saved the leg of a 9 year-old boy suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma. Citizens Hospital offers comprehensive cancer care based on top US standards in partnership with American Oncology Institute.

Called wide excision with reconstruction of total femur, this very rare and complex type of surgery has been performed in South India on only a few other occasions. The advanced surgery involves removing a long section of thigh bone and replacing it an implantable prosthesis, or artificial body part, that extends as the patient grows.