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Department of Family Medicine

Department of Family Medicine

In the increasingly fragmented world of health care, one thing remains constant: family physicians who are dedicated to treating the whole person. Family physician care from pre-birth to after death. Family medicine’s cornerstone is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship and their families and focusing on integrated care. Unlike other specialties that are limited to a particular organ or disease, family medicine integrates care for patients of both genders and every age, and advocates for the patient in a complex health care system. Family physicians integrate the biological, clinical and behavioural sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive health care.

The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, gender, each organ system and every disease entity. At Citizens Hospital, we appropriately refer patients to other specialties as needed. Family Practice is normally the point of first medical contact within the health care system, providing open and unlimited access to its users, dealing with all health problems regardless of the age, sex, or any other characteristic of the person concerned. It makes efficient use of health care resources through co-coordinating care, working with other professionals in the primary care setting, and by managing the interface with other specialties taking an advocacy role for the patient when needed.

  • Manages simultaneously both acute and chronic health problems of individual patients
  • Manages illness which presents in an undifferentiated way at an early stage in its development, which may require urgent intervention
  • A person-cantered approach that actively involves the individual, his /her family, and their community
  • Delivers a unique consultation process, which establishes a relationship over time, through effective communication between doctor and patient
  • Provides continual care as determined by the needs of the patient
  • Deals with health problems in their physical, psychological, social, cultural and existential dimensions
  • Specific decision making process determined by the prevalence and incidence of illness in the community
  • Promotes health and well-being both by appropriate and effective intervention

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